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Ninaz’s Client Gets a Fresh Start after Making Parole in Famous Armed Robbery Case 

July, 04, 2022

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Naval Postgraduate School Civilian Staff Member Arrested

February, 18, 2022
New LADALF Client Charged in Monterey, California

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Hillary Clinton Voter Gets 35-to-Life for Killing Bandmate's Wife in Argument Over 2016 Election: Report

December, 30, 2021
Murder Conviction Resulting from Judge's Abuse of Discretion in Ninaz Saffari's Long Beach Trial Makes National News (see our Blog series)

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Man Gets 35 Years to Life for Killing Long Beach Woman During Argument Over 2016 Election

December, 29, 2021
Ninaz Saffari Quoted at Length in Article about Terrible Injustice Done to Her Client by Biased Judge (see Blog series on this website)

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Hillary Clinton Supporter, 40, is Sentenced to 35 Years for Shooting Dead Woman Holding Toddler after Her Husband Teased Him About Voting for the Dem

December, 29, 2021
Ninaz Saffari's Client's Murder-Trial Miscarriage-of-Justice Conviction Makes It All the Way to London, England through Right-Wing Tabloid (see our Blog series)

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Jurors find Corona man guilty of 2017 murder in Long Beach that Prosecutor Says was Over Presidential Election

November, 16, 2021
Judge Commits Constitutional and Prejudicial Error By Denying Ninaz Saffari's Client Self-Defense Claim: Convicted of Second-Degree Murder (see Blog articles)

Corona Man Says Bandmate Threatened Him with Object, Leading to North Long Beach Shooting


November, 03, 2021

Ninaz Saffari Completes Her Direct Examination of Her Client in Long Beach Murder Trial

Corona Man Fatally Shot Woman in Long Beach Home in 2017 following Argument about Politics, Prosecutor Says

October, 27, 2021
Ninaz Saffari Currently in Trial -- Client Facing Two Life Sentences for First-Degree Murder and Attempted Murder

Disney Channel Alum Adam Hicks Sentenced to Five Years in Prison for ‘Committing Several Armed Robberies’

July, 19, 2021
Ninaz's Client/Former Disney TV Star Accepts Plea in Infamous Armed Robbery Case

From Bad to Worse for Defendant Who [Allegedly] Attempted to Set Living Room on Fire with Children Present

December, 20, 2020
Client at Hearing before Ninaz Replaced His Former Attorney

Owner of Paramount Silk Screen Printing Shop Charged with Sexual Assault, Molestation of 11 More Victims

October, 30, 2020
Ninaz's Client Ultimately Charged with Sexually Battering 23 Women

Ninaz Saffari's first appearance on CBS This Morning

July, 21, 2020
Sandra Bullock's chilling encounter at home detailed in court docs

Ninaz Saffari’s appearance on CNN’s Headline News

July, 21, 2020
Searching For Missing 6-Week-Old-Baby 

Ninaz Saffari's appearance on FOX News

July, 21, 2020
Commentary on the legal ownership of the actual list of Oskar Schindler.

Los Angeles Times: Homicide Report – LADALF Client Subsequently Charged for First-Degree Murder of Alleged Victim July 3, 2020

July, 03, 2020

Daily Breeze: LADALF Client Subsequently Charged for Alleged Capital Murders of Two People and Alleged Attempted Murder of Third Person in Wilmington September 19, 2019

September, 19, 2019

Bandmate Killed Woman Holding Toddler after Teasing over Politics, Witnesses Say

August, 08, 2018
In Oct.-Nov. 2021, Ninaz Saffari is Defending this Client in Long Beach Murder Trial

E News: Adam Hicks Pleads Not Guilty to Robberies More Than a Year After Arrest July 10, 2019

January, 27, 2018

NBC4 News: 11-Year-Old Girl Among Three Victims of Alleged “Serial Rapist”: Police

January, 27, 2018

USA Today: Former Disney Star Arrested and Charged with Armed Robberies

January, 26, 2018

Man who Allegedly Shot Long Beach Mom Holding Toddler to Face Judge Today

August, 28, 2017
Ninaz Saffari's Client Facing Preliminary Hearing for Murder & Attempted Murder

Daily Breeze: LAPD Detective from Torrance Acquitted in Threat Case

June, 30, 2017

People magazine: Los Angeles Investigator Acquitted of Witness Intimidation Charge

June, 29, 2017

Man Charged with Killing Woman who was Holding Toddler, Shooting Her Husband in Long Beach

January, 13, 2017
Ninaz's Client Charged with First-Degree Murder and Two Counts of Attempted Murder

Breitbart: LAPD Detective Arrested for False Charge Against Ex-Lover

January, 31, 2016

CBS News Los Angeles: LAPD Detective Arrested In Threats to Ex-Boyfriend, Filing False Report

January, 28, 2016

Los Angeles Times: LAPD Detective is Accused of Intimidating and Threatening Her Ex-Boyfriend

January, 28, 2016

ABC Eyewitness News: LAPD Detective Charged with Witness Intimidation, False Imprisonment

January, 28, 2016

La Opinión: Arrestan a Detective del LAPD por Intimidar a Testigo

January, 26, 2016

Los Angeles Daily News: LAPD Detective from Torrance Charged with Threatening Ex-Boyfriend

January, 18, 2016

ABC Eyewitness News: LADALF Clients Facing Potential Second-Degree Murder Charges for Alleged Hot-Car Toddler Death

June, 22, 2015
Girl, 3, dies after being found in hot car in Pomona

Redondo Beach Man Charged with Raping Runaway Child

March, 15, 2015

Palisadian-Post: Former Palisades Mom/Landscaper Sentenced In Local Crime

March, 05, 2015

Ninaz Saffari's third appearance on CBS This Morning

December, 16, 2014

Ninaz Saffari's second appearance on CBS This Morning

December, 05, 2014
Bill Cosby sexual assault allegations

Palisadian-Post: Palisades Mom Suspected In Burglaries

October, 14, 2014

Palisadian-Post: Hearing Date Set for Jami Lynn Burrows

October, 14, 2014

CBS News: Sandra Bullock Wakes Up to Alleged Stalker In Hallway

July, 16, 2014

Incarcerated Suspect Charged with Additional Rape After Girl Comes Forward

March, 14, 2013

The Beach Reporter: Redondo Beach Man Charged with Raping 11-Year-Old Girl

March, 12, 2013

Redondo Man Tied to Gardena Rape Through DNA

March, 07, 2013

Corey Delaine Stewart: Cops Say Suspect Had SUV Rigged for Rape, Used It

March, 06, 2013

NBC4 News: DNA Leads to Arrest in Sexual Assault After Job Interview “Ruse”

March, 06, 2013

11-Year-Old Girl Among Three Victims of Alleged “Serial Rapist”: Police

March, 06, 2013

KTLA News: Man Charged With Raping Woman He Met Online

March, 05, 2013

CBS News Los Angeles: DNA Links Redondo Beach Man to Rape of Woman He Met Online

March, 05, 2013