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Client Facing 10.5 Years in Prison and 2 Strikes for ADW & Elder Abuse; Result: Time Served, No More Jail, Probation Only

Ninaz obtained a no-more-jail/time-served (five months in Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail awaiting trial) plea to a single felony, NON-STRIKE count of Assault by Means Likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury (Penal Code § 245(a)(4).

  • Client Facing 10.5 Years in Prison and 2 Strikes for ADW & Elder Abuse; Result: Time Served, No More Jail, Probation Only

    Ninaz obtained a no-more-jail/time-served (five months in Los Angeles County Men’s Central Jail awaiting trial) plea to a single felony, NON-STRIKE count of Assault by Means Likely to Produce Great Bodily Injury (Penal Code § 245(a)(4).

  • Potential 4-Yr. Prison Term For Felony Domestic Violence + Loss Of Medical License; Result: Pled To Misdemeanor Trespassing, No Jail, Kept License

    Client pled to misdemeanor Aggravated Trespassing with likely Expungement in the future; zero jail time, zero community service, informal probation, and one year of weekly DV counseling. Client was thereby able to keep his medical license.

  • Possible Four-Year Prison Stretch for Felony Elder Abuse; Result: Diversion, No Jail, Dismissal Thereafter

    The third motion was finally granted with the following provisions: one year of weekly counseling, including for anger management and to resolve client’s issues with her mother. In other words, no jail and only informal probation for 12 months. The case will be dismissed upon successful completion.

  • Potential Eight-Year Prison Term For Lewd Acts On Minor; Result: No Case Filed

    On the morning of the hearing on the semi-permanent R.O., Ninaz learned that both the DA’s Office and the Los Angeles City Attorney's Office (CA’s Office) had declined to file charges. Later that morning, the civil court denied the sister’s petition for the R.O.

  • Max Six-Year Sentence for Robbery, Flashing a Firearm; Result: Misdemeanor, No Jail, Informal Probation

    The Robbery and Strike charges were dismissed on the first day of jury trial. Client pled to the single misdemeanor with zero jail time, one year of informal probation, and one gun safety class.

  • Client Prosecuted for Battery, Looking at 6 Mos. in Jail; Result: Judicial Diversion & DIsmissal

    The judge granted Ninaz’s motion and granted Judicial Diversion (Court Initiated Diversion) (California Penal Code section 1001.95), which only required to attend weekly anger-management classes for six months to be followed by full dismissal of the case/charge.

  • Client Facing 6 Years in Prison for Child Porn; Result: Plea to as Little as 2 Weeks in Jail, 2 Yrs.’ Probation, with Eligibility for Reduction to Misdemeanor

    Ninaz obtained a very good deal for the client in light of the strong evidence against him -- a reduced plea for a single count felony of possession of child porn with 180 days in jail and two years’ formal probation. However, because of overcrowding, the non-violent nature of the offense, Covid concerns, and with good behavior, client will likely be released after serving only 2-4 weeks therein.

  • Client Facing Five Years in Prison for Stalking Celebrity Comedienne; Result: No Jail, Diversion Only

    Client granted Mental Health Diversion (California Penal Code section 1001.36: https://leginfo.legislature.ca.gov/faces/codes_displaySection.xhtml?sectionNum=1001.36.&lawCode=PEN) – two-year period; 90-day residential program; and stay-away order for two years.

  • Domestic Violent Client Facing 3 Years In Jail; Result: Plea To Trespassing, No Jail With Ultimate Dismissal

    Client pled to a single misdemeanor charge of Simple Trespassing/Unauthorized Entry of a Residence(California Penal Code section 602).

  • Military Client Arrested for DUI, Facing Dishonorable Discharge; Result: Military Diversion to be Followed by Full Dismissal

    After fighting non-stop for over a year (including with the DMV to retain client’s driver’s license), Ninaz Saffari was able to secure him Military Diversion (California Penal Code section 1001.80).

  • Federal Drug Trafficking Case – Client Facing Max of Essentially Life -- Overwhelming Evidence; Plea: 6.8 Years (with Good Time Credits) But Maybe 50% in Halfway House

    Client accepted a guilty plea to a single Count of the indictment in this case, Distribution of a Controlled Substance (Methamphetamine), in violation of 21 U.S.C. § 841(a)(1), (b)(1)(B)(viii)).

  • “David” Facing 6 Years in Prison – Possession for Sale; Result: Misdemeanor, No Probation

    Plea to misdemeanor possession with no jail and no probation.

  • Pre-File: Client Looking at Possible Prison Time for Elder Abuse; Result: Case Dropped

    The APS investigator notified Ninaz that the investigation was completed and no charges would be filed. Case closed.

  • Client Facing 8 Yrs. -- Lewd Acts on Minor; Offer: Reduction to Child Endangerment, 0 Jail

    Reduction to Child Endangerment (California Penal Code section 273a) and misdemeanor Annoying or Molesting a Child Under 18 (California Penal Code section 647.6). If the client successfully completes one year of rehab and two years of formal probation, the child molestation charge (Penal Code section 647.6) will be dropped, and the client will not have to serve a single day in jail.

  • Client Facing Life for Attempted Murder; Result: Charge Dismissed at Preliminary Hearing

    Attempted murder charge dismissed with prejudice (meaning that the DA’s Office cannot be refiled against client).

  • Pre-File: Client Facing Potential Prosecution for Intentionally Transmitting STD & Max. 1 Yr. in Jail; Result: No Charges Filed

    No charges filed and no successful police investigation.

  • Client Facing 4.5 Years in Prison for ADW; Result: Dismissed after Preliminary Hearing

    Assault with a Deadly Weapon charge dismissed at the culmination of the Preliminary Hearing.

  • Pre-File: San Diego PD Arrested Client Based on Vigilante’s Actions for Trying to Meet Up with Minor for Sexual Purposes; Prosecution Declined
    Investigation & Arrest of K.D. by San Diego Police Department: ...
  • Pre-File: Burbank PD Investigated Client for Child Porn Crimes; Result: Case Dropped

    Ninaz Saffari got the client six months of Informal Diversion (California Penal Code section 1001.94; California Penal Code section 1001.95) with only once-a-month counseling, no jail, followed by dismissal of all charges. And the client’s DACA status was undisturbed.

  • Client Prosecuted for Sex Crimes, etc., Facing 7 Years; Result: 180 Days’ Informal Diversion

    Ninaz Saffari got the client six months of Informal Diversion (California Penal Code section 1001.94; California Penal Code section 1001.95) with only once-a-month counseling, no jail, followed by dismissal of all charges. And the client’s DACA status was undisturbed.

  • Client Facing 15 Years for Arson, DV & Child Endangerment; Result: No Prison/Jail, Counseling and Probation Only, Eligible for Expungement in 2 Years

    A single felony plea to Arson with a Robbery (California Penal Code section 211) with NO prison or even jail; three months of mental health counseling; one year of child endangerment counseling; and four years of formal probation.

  • L.W. Facing 24 Years+ in Prison for Armed Robbery; Result: Suspended Sentence, Rehab, No Jail

    A single felony plea to Robbery (California Penal Code section 211) with a nine-year suspended sentence, one year of in-patient rehab, followed by four years of formal probation. In other words, if L.W. successfully completes his rehab and probation, he won’t have to serve a single day in jail/prison.

  • Client Hit with Driving on a Suspended License, Facing 6 mos. in Jail & $1,000 fine; Dismissed

    A single felony plea to Robbery (California Penal Code section 211) with a nine-year suspended sentence, one year of in-patient rehab, followed by four years of formal probation. In other words, if L.W. successfully completes his rehab and probation, he won’t have to serve a single day in jail/prison.

  • Client Hit with Driving on a Suspended License, Facing 6 mos. in Jail & $1,000 fine; Dismissed

    Case dismissed.

  • Client Prosecuted for 5 Armed Robberies, Facing 33 Years; Will Serve 1 Yr. in Prison

    Five years in prison; however, because of custody credits, and with good-time credits in prison at two-thirds minimum for a Strike offense (because of current overcrowding conditions), Client will be a free man in as little as one year.

  • Client Charged with 3 Strikes/Criminal Threats, 8 Yrs. Max; Result: Diversion with Dismissal

    LADALF was able to get Client Mental Health Diversion (California Penal Code section 1001.36), which will consist of six months of weekly anger management counseling, along with one year of weekly mental health therapy. Finally, if he stays out of trouble for 12 months, all three charges will be dismissed with prejudice.

  • J.C. Charged with Driving Under the Influence of Drugs, One Year in Jail; Received Diversion, Case will be Dismissed

    Ninaz was able to convince both the prosecutor and the judge to give J.C. Judicial Diversion (Court Initiated Diversion) (California Penal Code section 1001.95) with only once-per-week alcohol/drug counseling for three months and a single two-hour online Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD) class. She paid no fines, there was no probation, and no jail. Once she completes her program, her case will be dismissed.

  • “Devon” Facing 25-to-Life for 2nd & 3rd Strikes (Two Counts of Making Criminal Threats); Result: No-Jail Plea

    Ninaz Saffari was able to obtain an alternative plea for Devon, wherein if he successfully completed his in-patient rehab program, and possible mental health counseling, he would end up with a single non-Strike felony for Assault with a Firearm (California Penal Code section 245(a)(2)) with a no-jail sentence (i.e., time served).

  • Client Accused of Lewd Acts with a Minor (Max: 8 Years); Result: Case Rejected

    The DA’s Office notified us that the case had been rejected and no charges would be filed.

  • Client Investigated for Felony Domestic Violence/Third Strike, Max: Life; Case Closed

    As a result of extensive efforts, including techniques I’m not at liberty to disclose in this case summary, the detective closed the case (and, therefore, declined to send it to the DA’s Office for the filing of formal charges).

  • Client Charged with Felony Domestic Violence/Strike, 9 Years; Result: Diversion, No Jail

    On the eve of trial, despite constantly telling us that she would never do so, the prosecutor offered our client Diversion – six months of domestic violence classes to be followed by a full dismissal. He never served a single day in jail.

  • “James” Charged with Two Armed Robberies, Both Third Strikes, Life; Result: 5 Years

    We were able to consolidate both cases with a five-year plea. With custody credits of one year, and with the current two-thirds minimum sentence for Strikes (because of overcrowding), James will be out in as little as 32 months.

  • Pre-File: Client Investigated for Rape of Minor Under 14; Facing 13 Years; No Charges Filed

    After providing the detective with the results of our extensive investigation, and following many calls with him, we were able to convince him to drop the case. No charges filed.

  • Investigation and Arrest of Client with 20 Kilos of Cocaine; Facing Min. 25 Years (Ongoing)


  • Pre-File: Juvenile Client Potential Case for Continuous Sexual Abuse of a Child and Lewd Acts on a Minor Under 14; Result: Case Declined

    DA’s Office declined to prosecute.

  • First-Degree Attempted Murder (Life) – Reduced to Assault with a Firearm, No More Jail

    Reduced plea to Assault with a Firearm (California Penal Code section 245(a)(1)). The deal meant immediate release (with nine months’ time served while awaiting trial) and two years’ formal probation.

  • Pre-File: Client Facing Likely Felony Domestic Violence Charge – 4 Yrs. Prison -- Declined

    Declination of charges with likely sealing of the arrest in less than three years when the applicable statute of limitations expires.

  • Pre-File -- Lewd Acts On A Child Under Age 14 – 8 Years in Prison -- Charges Declined

    Case dismissed.

  • Client Charged with First-Degree Attempted Murder – Life in Prison – Dismissed

    After an exhausting two-day hearing, the judge granted her motion and dismissed all charges.

  • Client Charged with Felony Corporal Injury on a Spouse (Strike offense) with Great Bodily Injury Enhancement – Facing 8 Years in Prison – Misdemeanor w/ Diversion

    On the eve of trial, the Deputy DA made an offer that was too good to refuse: misdemeanor Pen. Code section 273.5 with no jail or probation, with diversion only and 52 counseling sessions on an accelerated basis with dismissal of the charge to follow. With two sessions a week, he will have a clean record in six months and be eligible to obtain his insurance broker’s license.

  • Pre-File: Client Charged with Multiple Misdemeanor Theft Offenses – All Charges Dismissed

    CA’s Office dismissed all charges.

  • Already Pled to Five Misdemeanor Counts of Driving on Suspended License – Prior Lawyer Made Terrible Deal for 150 Days in Jail – Renegotiated Plea – No Jail, Community Service Only

    Client was particularly thrilled because instead of surrendering to sheriff’s deputies to begin his sentence, as he thought he would have do to at that time, he instead went home to spend the holidays with his family.

  • Conspiracy to Commit Felony (Gambling Syndicate) – Facing 4 Years – Received Only Probation

    Probation only with time served, potential early termination of probation, and possible expungement.

  • Multiple Counts Domestic Violence – Facing Years in Jail & Loss of License – Dismissed at Trial

    Case dismissed on the first day of trial.

  • Client Charged with Assault with a Deadly Weapon, Max: 4 Years; Result: Misdemeanor, 0 Jail

    Fortunately, Ninaz was able to get him an outstanding misdemeanor deal with no jail, informal probation, and community service, with dismissal eligibility after successful completion of probation. And because of Covid, he didn’t even have to do any community service.

  • Client Charged with Possession and Distribution of Child Pornography – 6 Years in Prison, Lifetime Registration & Deportation – Case Dismissed

    Final charge dismissed, client ended up with a clean record.

  • Client Arrested for Felony Vandalism – Case Dismissed After Pushing Case to Trial

    After pushing the case to trial, Ninaz Saffari was able to work out a civil compromise with the entire case being dismissed with prejudice. She then filed a petition to seal the arrest itself so client will have a clean record. Fortunately, the petition was granted.

  • Felon in Possession of Firearm (Prior Strike Conviction, 8 Years) – Dismissed at Prelim. Hearing

    He dismissed the entire case.

  • Client Charged with Robbery (Penal Code § 211) – 9 Years Max. – Received Diversion, No Jail

    Ninaz Saffari worked closely with her rehabilitation placement counselor and, therefore, was able to successfully petition the judge to grant the client Mental Health Diversion (California Penal Code section 1001.36) with in-patient treatment. This meant that once the client completed the program, the charge would be dismissed.

  • One Count of Attempted (First-Degree) Murder – Potential Life Sentence – Dismissed at Prelim. Hrg.
    People v. T.M.: (Inglewood Superior Court – October 2019) For ...
  • Young Woman Charged w/ DUI, DUID & Drug Charges; Max: 24 Mos.+; Reduced Plea: 1st-Time Dui Misdemeanor Only, No Jail, Probation & AA Classes

    Since the evidence was overwhelming that client was far above the .08% BAC level when she crashed, Ninaz Saffari had no choice but to work out a plea deal for a first-time DUI with no jail, one year of AA classes, informal probation, and a fine. But in consideration, the drug and DUID charges were dismissed.

  • Client Investigated for Welfare Fraud Prosecution– Facing 3.5 Years in Jail – No Charges Filed

    The authorities agreed not to pursue charges -- case dropped.

  • Robbery (second Strike, 26 years) - reduced to Receiving Stolen Property (no jail, probation or second Strike)

    The Robbery charge was dismissed and the client received a no-jail, no-probation deal for Receiving Stolen Property (a reduced charge). The client avoided having a second Strike on his record.

  • Child Endangerment (12 years for each client) - Dismissed

    Ms. Saffari negotiated formal diversion, which ultimately resulted in a dismissal for both clients.

  • Lewd Acts Against a Minor (12 felony counts, 10 years) - Reduced to Unlawful Sex with a Minor, all other charges dismissed

    Ms. Saffari negotiated a reduced plea to Unlawful Sex with a Minor, with all other charges dismissed.

  • Elder Abuse (7 years and loss of Insurance Broker's License) - Dismissed

    Ms.Saffari negotiated no jail time with formal diversion, and the case was ultimately dismissed. The client was an insurance broker who was able to save her license and career.

  • Possession of Cocaine and Meth with Intent to Distribute – All Charges Eventually Dismissed

    The judge withdrew the guilty pleas and entered not guilty pleas, thereby dismissing all charges.

  • Two Life Sentences for Gang Rape of Minor & Kidnapping – all felonies dismissed

    Before the judge ruled on the motion, the prosecutor dismissed all charges against all six defendants. As Ninaz exited the courtroom that day, she was embraced by a large group of grateful relatives of the (falsely) accused. All six defendants went home within a day or two.

  • Witness Intimidation (a Strike) and False Arrest (both felonies) - jury trial: not guilty on Witness Intimidation, hung jury (8 voted not guilty) on False Arrest

    The client will not go to prison because of the not guilty verdict on the Strike charge. Retrial is set for January 2019 but, again, this time the client will not face any jail time. She is confident that the client will be acquitted on the lesser charge in the retrial.

  • First-Degree Attempted Murder, Possible Life – Reduced to Attempted V.M. after Jury Trial

    The jury found him not guilty because of “imperfect self-defense”. Therefore, he was only convicted of attempted Voluntary Manslaughter (California Penal Code section 192(a)) (non-Strike) with an 8.5-year sentence. With credits for time served and good behavior, he could be out in as little as four years.

  • Possession for Sale of Methamphetamine, Cocaine, and Heroin (5 years) - probation only

    The client was facing 5 years in prison. Ms. Saffari negotiated a deal for the client with no jail time and probation only.

  • DUI with Traffic Collision/Injury (4 years' max) - negotiated misdemeanor, community service and fine

    She was able to negotiate a plea down to a simple misdemeanor First-Time DUI (Driving Under the Influence) (California Vehicle Code section 23152) with no jail time, 40 hours of community service, six months of weekly Alcoholics Anonymous classes, and a small fine.

  • Sexual Battery Investigation - Convinced District Attorney to Reject the Case

    After providing evidence of the polygraph to the District Attorney, the D.A. rejected the case and declined to file charges.

  • Client Charged with Grand Theft for Shoplifting at Barney’s, 3 Years Max; Dismissed

    Patricia was placed in an informal diversion program. After completing that and paying restitution, the case was dismissed.

  • Pre-File: Client Investigated for Felony Sexual Battery – Max 4 Years; Case Dropped

    The prosecutor agreed with the detective after reviewing our evidence and dropped the charges.

  • Pre-File: “Andy” Investigated for Misdemeanor Domestic Battery (1 yr. in jail); Result: Case Rejected

    Case rejected (no charges filed).

  • Failure to Register as a Sex Offender (2 years in prison) - Reduced to 30 days

    Client served only 30 days in jail instead of 2 years in prison.

  • Client Charged with First-Degree Attempted Murder in One Case and Sexual Assault & Felony Domestic Violence on Another– Facing Two Life Sentences – Plea: Out in 4.5 Yrs.

    Nine years, out in four-and-a-half with time served and good behavior.

  • Client Arrested with 40 Pounds of Meth; Max: 20 Years; Status: Client Missing/Feared Dead

    While Ninaz Saffari was deep into reviewing the wiretap transcripts of hundreds of hours of recorded calls between client and his alleged associates, client suddenly disappeared. It was at first believed he may have fled to Mexico but additional information/evidence raised the distinct possibility (if not probability) that he may have been murdered and buried. To date, his body – alive or dead – has not yet been recovered.

  • Narcotics Trafficking (5 Separate Cases) - Diversion With Dismissal Upon Successful Completion

    Ms.Saffari was able to convince the District Attorney Supervisor to place the client into a drug program. She negotiated no jail time with dismissal of all five cases after the client successfully completes the program.

  • Rape (2 Strikes, 47 Years) - Misdemeanor Only and No Jail After Jury Trial

    The result was a hung jury with 6 voting for guilty and 6 for not guilty. During the second jury trial, the District Attorney offered, and the client accepted, one count of misdemeanor Sexual Battery with no Strike and no jail time.

  • Felony DUI with Serious Injury (Potential Maximum Sentence: 48 Months in State Penitentiary); Result: Misdemeanor DUI, Community Service Only, 0 Jail

    Ms. Saffari negotiated a no-jail/no-prison deal for the client with community service only. Specifically, client was able to plea down to a simple misdemeanor First-Time DUI (Driving Under the Influence) (California Vehicle Code section 23152).

  • Burglary (Felony Strike, 6 years in prison) - Reduced to Receiving Stolen Property, No jail

    As a result, the Burglary charge was dismissed, and the client accepted an offer to the reduced charge of Receiving Stolen Property with no jail time. This case was featured in a local newspaper article.

  • Felony Grand Theft – Facing as Much as Three Years in Prison; Result: Informal Diversion with Dismissal Upon Completion

    She negotiated an offer for informal diversion and a dismissal after the client completed 60 hours of community service.

  • Domestic Violence - Not Guilty After Jury Trial

    The verdict was not guilty on both counts.

  • Rape (Two Charges, Two Life Sentences) - Dismissed on First Day of Jury Trial

    The District Attorney dismissed the entire case on the first day of trial, and the client walked out a free man after 14 months in custody. (See Corey Stewart's video on my home page.) This case received significant local media attention.

  • Assault With a Deadly Weapon (27 Years) - Not Guilty After Jury Trial

    The verdict was not guilty on all counts, and the client was acquitted of all charges.

  • Second-Degree Murder – Client Facing Life in Prison, Reduced to Vehicular Manslaughter (3 Yrs.)

    Reduced plea to felony Vehicular Manslaughter (California Penal Code section 191.5(c)) with three years in prison, out in less than 18 months with good behavior and time served.

  • Sex Trafficking of Minor and Related Felony Charges – Dismissed on First Day of Jury Trial

    Case dismissed on first day of trial – DA’s Office decided not to re-file.

  • Domestic Violence (Felony) - Case Rejected by District Attorney
    People v. R.M. (Los Angeles Superior Court - LAX Courthouse, ...
  • Pre-file – Felony Corporal Injury on a Spouse – 5 Years Max; Result: Case Rejected

    Also once again, she had to meet with prosecutors from both the DA and CA’s Office, before both agreed to reject the case.

  • 2nd DUI (BAC 150% Above Legal Limit, Loss of Military Enlistment) - Reduced to Dry Reckless with 60 A.A. Meetings and a Small Fine, Client Able to Enlist

    The City Attorney reduced the charge to a Dry Reckless (California Vehicle Code section 23103) with no jail, a small fine, and 60 Alcoholics Anonymous meetings. The client was thereafter eligible to enlist.

  • Worker’s Compensation Insurance Fraud (Felony, Deportation) - Dismissed

    The client was able to stay in the country and is now a permanent U.S. citizen.

  • Transportation of Marijuana (Felony) - Dismissed

    The case was dismissed after 18 months.

  • DUI with Refusal & Possession of Cocaine (Felony, Loss of Law License) - Reduced to Standard DUI & Dismissal of Felony, Client Kept Law License

    Ms. Saffari was able to convince the assigned prosecutor, a Deputy District Attorney from the Los Angeles County District Attorney's Office (DA’s Office) to dismiss the Refusal charge and give the client a standard misdemeanor First-Time DUI (Driving Under the Influence) (California Vehicle Code section 23152) with informal probation.

  • Grand Theft (Client Confessed) - Negotiated a No-Charge Deal

    The case was not forwarded to the District Attorney's Office and no charges were filed.

  • Vehicular Manslaughter (Prison, Loss of High-Security Clearance, Deportation) - Reduced to Reckless Driving, Client Kept Job & was Not Deported

    After Ms. Saffari set the case for jury trial, the prosecutor reduced the charge to misdemeanor Reckless Driving Causing Injury (California Vehicle Code section 23104) – a minor charge which added points to her Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) record, but was not serious enough to jeopardize her career, her high-security clearance, or her legal residency status in the U.S.

  • Possession of Cocaine (Felony) - Charge Dismissed

    The D.A. gave the client informal diversion, 30 N.A.’s, a $500 fine, then dismissed the case after 3 weeks.

  • DUI (BAC 50% above Legal Limit) (Potential Jail, Loss of Nursing License) - Reduced to Wet Reckless and Client Kept Nursing License

    Ms. Saffari negotiated with the District Attorney’s Office Supervisor and got the charge reduced to a Wet Reckless (California Vehicle Code section 23103) with no adverse consequences to her license.

  • Domestic Violence (7 Counts, 7 Years) - Not Guilty After Jury Trial

    One count was dismissed by the judge after Ms. Saffari filed and successfully argued a Motion to Dismiss based on insufficiency of the evidence. The jury voted not guilty on all 6 counts.

  • High School Sophomore Facing Possible Attempted Murder Charge – Case Dismissed

    Diversion, probation, and ultimately a total dismissal of all charges.

  • Client Facing 27 Years for ADW & Related Felonies – Second Strike; Plea: with Good Behavior, Out in Just Over Three

    Ninaz was able to work out an extraordinary plea deal – a single non-Strike felony for Assault with a Firearm (California Penal Code section 245(a)(2)). Although he agreed to a prison term of seven years, with time served while awaiting trial and good behavior – and, again, because it was not a Strike conviction – assuming he behaved himself, he would be out in just over three years.

  • In Ninaz’s First Trial Ever, She Defended Man Against 3 Trespassing Counts, Facing 2 years in Jail; After Acquittal on Two Charges and Hung Jury on Third, Plead to Infraction

    In lieu of trying the case a second time, the prosecutor – who had been shell-shocked by his totally unexpected defeat – offered the defendant an impossible-to-reject plea for Trespass as an Infraction (California Penal Code section 602.8), which entailed only a small fine.